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Receivable Management

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Providing superior patient care means ensuring a seamless healthcare billing experience. PFS Group integrates with your healthcare organization and patient account system to quickly resolve accounts receivable balances and implement proven strategies that accelerate and increase cash flow.

Our Solutions

Patient Balance Management

  • Dedicated team of approachable patient accounting professionals
  • All communication with guarantors completed in client’s name for transparency
  • Real-time monitoring to ensure call abandonment under 2% after thirty seconds
  • Friendly, helpful demeanor in all written and verbal communications
  • Customized outreach cadence strategy for calls, email, and texting utilizing machine learning
  • A cohesive UniBill® environment that connects healthcare providers with PFS, simplifying and consolidating the patient billing experience

Insurance Management

  • Increase cash flow
  • Lower adjustments
  • Single-call resolution
  • Resolve government accounts with accurate reimbursement, including Medicare and Medicaid
  • Prioritize claims by filing deadlines, high-dollar review, or unprocessed claims

A/R Conversion Programs

  • Mutually defined pre-conversion strategies
  • Strategic planning resulting from serving numerous clients through conversions
  • Sense of urgency necessary for success
  • Jointly delineate a projected cash value to serve as a goal
  • Maximize resource allocation for quick and successful liquidation
  • Completely liquidate your legacy A/R in 15 months or less

PatientRev® Online Payment Platform

  • Seamless integration with existing payment gateway and merchant processor
  • Hospital-branded and integrated into your website
  • Customized Payment Plan Strategy utilizing machine learning
  • Online statement access
  • Pay-by-Text
  • Email payment alerts
  • Flexible payment options
  • PCI and HIPAA compliant with best-in-class security

Maximize Your Cash with PFS Group

With over 500 staff members, PFS Group has the resources and scalability needed to dedicate experienced account specialists to your healthcare accounts receivable management solutions. We equip healthcare providers with the advanced technological A/R infrastructure and automation it takes to maximize the healthcare billing workflow and resolve healthcare receivable resolution performance. See how our proven track record of assisting over 100 high-performing clients can help you achieve your healthcare billing goals.