About PFS Group

Based in Houston TX, with satellite offices in Crystal City TX, Fresno CA, and Raleigh-Durham NC, we are managing over $3 billion in accounts receivable for 25+ of the nation's leading health systems. From small, rural community medical centers to metro population hubs and academic health systems, we are driven to provide 100% patient satisfaction and operational excellence matched to your needs.

Who We Are

When our president, Jeff L. Gorski, founded PFS Group in 2005, he based his company on the principles and methodologies he’d acquired during his more than two decades in the healthcare industry. From our inception, our objective has been to assist your patients to resolve their billing as they complete their health care experience. We know that your patients expect high quality care, and we are devoted to delivering outstanding service in the name and brand of our clients. From this strong foundation, PFS Group has become one of the most successful, fastest-growing patient account management companies in the nation.

The PFS Group Difference

We believe that experience counts, especially when it comes to new technologies. We apply rigorous, data-driven testing and hard-won industry wisdom to everything we do: whether that is adopting new technologies or adapting our processes to a changing landscape. With PFS Group, we assure high-quality service and ensure your patients a frictionless financial experience.

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