At PFS Group, we're committed to answering your patients' questions with sincerity and clarity to resolve your accounts receivable balances quickly and eliminate patient complaints.  Please see how we can partner with you to increase revenue and decrease costs.


Ensure patient satisfaction with PFS Group through any of our service lines.

Patient Balance Management

Our approach to Self-pay and Balance-After-Insurance collections provides a seamless experience for the patient.

Insurance Management

PFS Group offers experienced management and staff who specialize in insurance resolution.

A/R Conversions

PFS Group provides time-tested strategies to eliminate the challenges.

PatientRev Online Payments

A multi-channel platform to securely collect patient payments across your entire organization.

Better Customer Care
Success Story

Better customer care yielded a 13% increase in revenue for one of the largest health systems in the south.

Seamless Switch to Epic
Success Story

PFS Group improved recovery by 28% during an EHR conversion.

Higher Cash Returns
Success Story

PFS Group outperformed competitors by over 20% and became the sole provider for patient balance management.

Calls Optimized with AI
Success Story

PFS Group reduced staffing costs by 25% optimizing calls with machine learning for the largest northeast health system.

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