• Patient Balance Management

PFS Group offers patient balance management by providing trained staff and technology to handle your self-pay and balance after insurance receivables. We are confident in our ability and will offer processes that bring synergy to your operations allowing you and your team to focus on other areas within your revenue cycle. Our technology/solutions save time and reduce costs while eliminating workflow disruption. PFS Group will ensure your patients have a clear expectation of their financial responsibilities.

Key components include:

  • Dedicated team of patient accounting professionals focused on achieving cash collection goals with an approachable tone
  • All communication with guarantors completed in client’s name to maintain transparency
  • Incoming calls monitored real-time to ensure call abandonment goal of no more than 2%
  • Friendly and helpful demeanor utilized in all written and verbal communications
  • Customized communication campaigns to support client’s initiatives
  • Creation of a “UniBill” environment between hospital billing and professional billing
  • Payment Plan Monitoring
  • Presumptive Charity Modeling
  • Commercial and Government Insurance Management

Health insurance, both commercial and governmental come in many forms. PFS Group offers experienced management and staff who specialize in insurance resolution. We will work to ensure your organization bills and receives all monies expected and that it is done in a timely manner thereby avoiding missed filing deadlines and appeal deadlines.

Our experienced third party payer representatives use a systematic approach to manage each claim, identify problem accounts, obtain any information needed for processing and ensure that claim is accurately paid.

PFS Group’s processes are designed to focus on:

  • Increasing cash flow
  • Lowering adjustments
  • Reducing the number of days in accounts receivable
  • Decreasing denials
  • Ensuring flexibility. Payers change their communication requirements and our team is flexible to meet those demands
  • Government payer specialized team, including Medi-Cal, Medicaid or Medicare
  • AR Conversion Projects

You know as well as we do — conversions can be complex exercises. PFS Group provides time-tested strategies to eliminate the complexities and to maintain the highest levels of cash flow and a successful conversion from the old system to the new one, every time. We’ve worked with a wide range of healthcare software programs — Cerner, McKesson HBOC STAR, McKesson Horizon Practice Plus, Siemens MedSeries4, NextGen Healthcare and GE Centricity. Based on our clients’ needs, we’ve successfully converted them to Siemens Invision Revenue Cycle Management, Paragon, and EPIC among others.

Key components include:

  • Seamless software integration
  • Dedicated resources
  • Complete account resolution
  • Reports and assurances
  • PatientRev® Online Billing and Payment Solution

PatientRev ® is a robust, SaaS online billing and payment solution that enables healthcare providers to enhance and accelerate cash collection, reduce bad debt, and streamline the patients experience.

PatientRev® makes it easy for patients to manage the billing process with 24/7 statement access, secure messaging, simple account management, and point-and-click payment technology.

Key features include:

  • Access to Statements: Patients get anytime online access to their statements.
  • Best-In-Class Security: PatientRev® is PCI and HIPAA compliant.
  • Blind Payments: Patients can make payments on accounts not yet associated in the system.
  • Enhance Cash Flow: Real-time billing and automated reconciliation of funds eliminates the production and time-in-transit delays associated with traditional paper statement delivery and accelerates payment processing / posting.
  • Flexible Payment Tools: Patients can make single pay quick payments and enroll in payment plans provided by providers using their credit card, debit card, or an eCheck/ACH payment.
  • Hospital Branded Portal: The PatientRev® portal is fully customizable to fit each provider’s brand identity and is fully integrated into their website.
  • Improve Revenue Cycle Productivity: Statements uploaded directly to the patient’s billing portal, precise web payment tools, and easy-to-access-and-use online and phone support promotes fast payment, eliminates bill time in transit, and reduces bad debt levels.
  • Payment Storage: My Wallet patient payment storage solution for easy transacting.
  • Reporting: PatientRev® provides comprehensive patient payment, activity and profile management reporting.
  • Secure Online Communication: PatientRev® live online messaging tool allow patients to engage in secure, trackable online communication with provider service representatives.
  • Seamless Integration: PatientRev® is integrated directly with your current payment gateway
  • Simple Account Management: Patients receive anytime access to billing and payment information and can manage multiple accounts.
  • Simplify Patient Balance Management: Customized posting files for easy balance account reconciliation.
  • Slash Statement Materials and Postage Costs with e-statements: Less overhead and better billing performance. PatientRev® eliminates traditional paper statement printing, processing, and postage costs, providing a more efficient (and environmentally-friendly) approach.
  • SMS Text Messaging and Email Alerts: Patients can opt in for email and text message reminders — improving the billing experience.
  • Speed Statement Delivery and Patient Payment: Ultra-convenient, anytime/anywhere statement access and automated email messaging drives patients to the web. And a simple pay system (and saveable payment profile) encourages prompt payment.

     For more information visit: www.patientrev.com